You know when you’ve been with someone more than five years, even if you’re a pretty smart, and aware person, little resentments tend to build up that make you feel like either:

  1. You’re walking on eggshells around your partner.

  2. You can’t do anything right, or

  3. You occasionally want to smother them with a pillow in their sleep. ;)

Seriously, relationship is not “easy.”  

Relationship is awesome.

It’s enriching.

It’s meaningful.

But it ain’t easy.

And one place you really feel the discord can be in the bedroom.

And it can start affecting your own body-confidence, and it can make you feel wound up - even more than your normally stressful, modern life.

What if your relationship could become a haven again - a sanctuary - where you feel accepted, relaxed, and totally loved no matter what?

What if your bedroom could become a playground again?

What if talking to each other could be easeful, nourishing and light again?

It can.

The Key is Playful Intimacy.

And it’s an art.

(P.S. YES I do work with individuals and singles too, because everyone deserves to give themselves Playful Intimacy!)

In the first few years of your relationship, sexy intimacy is often a given - because it’s created by the hormones. After even 6 months, the hormones can drop out, and you need to either learn Playful Intimacy, or lose the easy-going, spontaneous and pleasurable rhythm of your early relationship.

So that’s what I teach couples.

I teach how to connect, hear, respect, and enjoy each other again.

And not just from talking.

Or listening.

Or reading books.

Or sitting still on a therapy couch.

I do it through the body because that’s where real Intimacy lives.

And I do it through fun things - because why the hell would you want to pay someone to take you through a process that wasn’t fun along the way?

So, if you work with me, here’s what you can expect:

  • Expect to feel free to tell the whole truth, in a way where I will make sure your partner doesn’t freak out on you. Where you get to be heard.

  • Expect to play around, laugh a lot, and enjoy the process.  (If you have no sense of humor, you truly should find a stodgy therapist to work with.  They’re a dime a dozen.)

  • Expect to experience more real pleasure than you ever have in your lifetime thus far.  (If you are dead-set against feeling things - even ah-may-zing pleasurable things - you won’t like my way of working.)

  • Expect to discover new things about yourself, with my expert navigation and guidance.  (If you’re committed to staying in denial, in addiction, and you just want me to fix your broken partner, you won’t like me at all - hey, I’m just being honest!)

I work with couples who are active, smart, kind and willing people who have just fallen out of sorts with each other. Sometimes they’ve grown bored or distant.  Sometimes they are deeply hurt, resentful or angry. Sometimes they’re on the brink of breaking up. Sometimes they just want my help to go even deeper in what is already a beautiful, harmonious relationship.

I’m not a therapist.

I’m a Coach. 

So I can’t work with you if you’re in mental illness, severe distress, or deep trauma response.  For that, I recommend you see a therapist, who has experience in those arenas.

I’m a somatic coach.  That means I talk to you, but I also get you in your body; moving, connecting, dancing, and enjoying yourselves. I'm also a Somatic Sex Educator, which means I help you get your sexy back online and thriving.


I help individuals and couples awaken pleasure, transform conflict into opportunity, and provide practical tools for profound, joyful intimacy.

After all, it’s your birthright.


Let me support you. 


Work With Matia

Whether you are an individual on a personal journey, in partnership yearning for a deeper connection or a group seeking a trust building experience, I am here to help. It's my joy to assist your transformation. Utilizing a profound experiential, body-based approach that brings the whole body, mind & spirit into the learning creates opportunity for you to have the Sex and Playful Intimacy you want.

I help bridge the divide.


Turn conflict into a chance for profound and undefended intimacy. No matter how long it's been or how hopeless it feels; It is possible to create change and rebuild trust. Let's lean in together to get to the core of what’s not working, and clear the sticky hurts, so we can move towards your deepest longing for the relationship. 


I help you to get current with the personal and relational material of your life. Together, we connect to your desires and identify limiting stories while discerning what is real and true. Deepen into your emotions, open to being loved and find the still pool of inner knowing on the other side.


Spark, entice, challenge and awaken your inner warrior. I'm here to help you feel, be with what's real and true for you, and connect with the sex and relationships you long for. Together we’ll coax the wise one from within.


I’ve always walked through the world with a sense of awe and wonder.

Yet, I was also a woman who was intimidated by her own sexual power, a master in ignoring my own needs, and playing small to keep others comfortable.

Any of that sound familiar? more here. 


"My partner and I were going through a difficult period where we were having trouble communicating about a traumatic event.  Help from Matia was a god-send.  We both felt Matia was completely in tune and sensitive to our experiences and more here.